TN Area 52 Al-Anon AWSC Fall 2022

Voting at the 2022 World Service Conference.
They were trying a new app that would allow the voting members to use their PCs or their phones to vote. The requirement to have computer skills became evident. Of course there was confusion, and it took a while for everyone to understand how to load the app and open it. We were given the password with the suggestion that everyone write it down. When we were all ready, we were given the motion via the app and we had the choices to vote yes, no, or abstain.
• Time to vote. Ready? OK? ……Vote!
• Wait! Someone has not loaded the app on their phone.
• OK, ready to vote?
• Wait! Several people were not able to open the app.
• What was the password again?
• OK, ready? …..Vote!
• A successful vote! We all applauded.
• The total voting was more than the voting members present.
Apparently, some had not felt their vote had gone through so they voted twice.
• Everyone log out and log back in.
• OK, ready to vote?

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