TN Area 52 Al-Anon Assembly
June 4-5, 2022

At the 62nd World Service Conference, the Global Electronic Area was admitted as the 68th Area.

This has not happened since Alaska was admitted as a new Area in 1987, thirty-five years ago. There was no internet, no wireless connectivity, cell phones were the size of a shoe.

Cathy M, a member of the Task Force for the Global Electronic Area, gave us a history of Alaska becoming the previously last paneled Area of the WSC.

When Alaska was admitted to WSC Structure, the groups were not connected to each other nor were they connected to AL-Anon. Some groups went to the AA international where an Al-Anon Trustee was invited to speak. The groups decided to hold an interim Assembly and to vote for a Delegate. Cathy said she voted no because she thought the person who could be Delegate just wanted a free trip to NY.

After the vote, there were questions about policy with electronic groups. Sue P would point out where those questions could be directed. After a time, we all realized Ozzie had been waiting in the hall for quite some time.

After voting, Ozzie was welcomed back in the room to a standing ovation. He told us he fully expected to be told the vote had been no because he waited so long.

Read the full report here.