Send Your Sharing – WSO Requests

The Literature team at the World Service Office has asked us to send our sharing for The Forum, as well as sharing on sponsorship for a new piece of literature.

The Writing Guide for new CAL on Sponsorship and Service Sponsorship is now available.

Several years ago, the Literature Committee began discussing requests from the fellowship for a piece of Conference Approved Literature on sponsorship and service sponsorship primarily made up of member sharings.

A recommendation was made, discussed, and approved by the 2023 World Service Conference, giving conceptual approval “to develop a comprehensive piece on sponsorship and service sponsorship using personal stories from Al-Anon members.”

Since then, a writing guideline has been developed, approved, and translated into French and Spanish, and is now available for distribution throughout the fellowship. Please share this writing guideline, use it to facilitate writing workshops, and consider submitting your own experience, strength, and hope on this important topic.