Our New Daily Reader

In the most recent letter to groups from the Chair of the Board for the World Service Office, Jeri W. let us know that literature sales reached their highest level in history, thanks to the release of the first new daily reader in more than 20 years. The new book, A Little Time for Myself in Al-Anon (B-34), is a collection of experience, strength, and hope submitted by members.

This is a great example of the power of our Conference Approved Literature (CAL) process. New CAL is created through a process that includes the World Service Office, volunteers, and members who respond to the invitation to send their sharing. This process ensures that our message is carried in new ways and to new generations of members.

Please note that a case of 24 daily readers can be purchased by a group, or by an Area Literature Distribution Center. This reduces the expense for shipping and the overall cost of the daily reader.

Is your group interested in opening a new literature distribution center in your community? Let’s talk! You can contact me through the Officers and Coordinators page or ask your Group Representative or District Representative for other ways to connect through email or phone.

In grateful service,

Ben V, Area 52 Literature Coordinator