How CAL is Created

The Al-Anon fellowship has a rich library of resources that provides unity, aids personal recovery, and carries the message to others. It is easy to think that our literature has dropped from the sky or that it’s been written in stone by some divine power. But just like everything else in our fellowship, the sole authority in Al-Anon is a loving God as He may express Himself through our group conscience.

As our recently-retired Associate Director for Literature, Tom C, has put it: “It can be hard to get three Al-Anon members to agree on which toppings to put on a pizza, but we somehow manage through this process together, despite such differing views and approaches.” This very human process begins when we, as members and groups, send our sharing to the World Service Office. Any member can do it, no matter how long they’ve been in the program.

Do you have a suggestion or question about literature? We want to hear from you! Areas are encouraged to brainstorm ideas and share enthusiasm. Your trusted servants are ready to listen and learn with you as we prepare for our spring Area Assembly, which will be held May 31-June 2, 2024.