Preparing for World Service Conference
I received the invitation for the Conference Call for new members on December 18th. It came with specific instructions on how to join the conference call and how to participate in the conference call.

Then, I received the Welcome Letter from WSO on December 19th. The WSO uses AFG Connects for communication of time-sensitive information. They continue to use e-mail for individual communications. Every conference member must have access to the internet and e-mail. My login and password remained the same since I had access to AFG Connects as the Forum Coordinator for our Area. Once you obtain a login and password from WSO for anything, that’s your login and password forever (unless you change your password).


Recently I have been asked some very interesting questions by a member who wanted to understand the election procedures. And at the last Assembly an interesting question was raised.

The question asked at Assembly was “Why do we see the same faces in service at the Area level (Officers /Coordinators) year after year if we believe in rotation of Service?”

The other question was “Do you read A– 2 to mean only the current DR’s or any DR who has served an entire three-year panel as in A-1 can stand for an Officer’s position?” This question referred to the Election Procedures A1 and A2. which is below.


How Panels Work

It is time for the changing of the guard in our Area. The Group Representatives (GRs) in Tennessee will soon elect new Area Officers. (Officers are Delegate, Alt. Delegate, Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.)  New Coordinators will be chosen from among interested members (who are not necessarily GRs or DRs). The GRs in our Districts will elect new District Representatives (DRs) and in most groups, a new GR will be elected.